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Big Geekified 2017 Summary. Part 1/5: Music

How are you, Geekified readers? With January behind us, we’re way into 2018, so we thought we’d do a 2017 summary. Here’s the first part, where we talk about our music favourites. Evanescence – Synthesis This year saw a new release of Evanescence album which I was looking forward too. It is a departure from… Continue reading

Evanescence - Imperfection

Evanescence new single and video Imperfection

This year has been a great one for Evanescence fans! During 2016-2017, after a long hiatus, they have finally made the tour (I’ve seen them live for the first time and it was amazing). After 6 years of silence, they have also released a new single Imperfection (with a video clip) and a new album, Synthesis, is coming!… Continue reading

Big Geekified 2016 Summary. Part 1/5: Music

Welcome back to Geekified in 2017. We are sure it will be a geeky year with plenty of goodies coming. But before we celebrate those, let’s take a look at 2016. It was a strange year, to say the least. We had a lot of great and much anticipated movie releases (Captain America: Civil War,… Continue reading


Yesterday (August 2nd ) marked the 45th birthday of one of my favourite composers/rock stars – Jun Senoue. Now if you’re not into video games this name will mean nothing to you- so I suggest you stop reading now. However if you ARE fan of games… particularly the Sonic franchise like me… you will know… Continue reading