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Last week in pop culture: Netflix’s “Monster”, “Ancient Aliens” film and more

Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming adaptation of Walter Dean Myers’ “Monster”. Check it out below. The film looks really beautiful and lyrical. Hopefully, Netflix has got another hit in its hands. Ancient Aliens will become a film. Yep! The bonkers “documentary” series will be adapted into a feature by Cobra Kai’s Josh… Continue reading


Last (five) week(s) in pop culture: Cynthia Erivo in “Pinocchio” and more

One of the most talented actresses of recent times, Cynthia Erivo, is set to portray the Blue Fairy in Disney’s live-action “Pinocchio”, The Wrap reports. Additionally, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth will voice the title character of Pinocchio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will voice Jiminy Cricket, Keegan-Michael Key will voice Honest John and Lorraine Bracco will voice a new… Continue reading


Cruella arrives in a crazy trailer

Disney has released the trailer for “Cruella”. It’s another one of these live-action versions of the evil corporation’s animated features. But instead of a shot-by-shot remake, we’ll get more of a villain origin story in the vein of “Maleficent”. The film will be directed by “I, Tonya’s” Craig Gillespie and it looks like Disney gave… Continue reading