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Big Geekified 2018 Summary. Part 1/5: Music

Another year has passed in an instant. With the beginning of 2019 we’d like to take a look back at 2018 and pick our pop-culture favourites — as we did last year. Today’s time for the first part where we’re talking about music. GusGus – Lies Are More Flexible GusGus are known innovators of electronic… Continue reading


Big Geekified 2017 Summary. Part 1/5: Music

How are you, Geekified readers? With January behind us, we’re way into 2018, so we thought we’d do a 2017 summary. Here’s the first part, where we talk about our music favourites. Evanescence – Synthesis This year saw a new release of Evanescence album which I was looking forward too. It is a departure from… Continue reading