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Seing double: “Us” review

When she was young, Addy lived through a traumatic event, which left her scarred for a long time. Now, Adelaide Wilson is a happy wife and mother of two children. However, while on a holiday trip with her family, she encounters her past demons once again: a family that looks exactly like hers shows up… Continue reading


2018’s Best Actors are Animals

Hello. This is me, Blanche DuBois Sharp, a.k.a. me, Blanche. As it were, I am a movie star due to my 2017 highbrow, awards-bait, film festival circuit film “Blanche’s Bichon Buzz.”  See also “Moonbound24.” It is on my IMDb profile page, and it is quite a good web series, even though I share billing with… Continue reading


SoulCalibur VI Review

A New Tale of Two Swords The SoulCalibur franchise is an incredibly popular fighting game franchise. Bringing with it unique game mechanics, SoulCalibur VI brings a fresh new experience. Although, it has some flaws. SoulCalibur is famous for having guest fighters from other game franchises. This time, they gave us Geralt of Rivia from the… Continue reading