Black as Night: A Review

Black as Night Review

The opening scene is quick to show us the first victim while during the day everyone is unaware of the evil that roams at night. It’s very symbolic of what this movie covers. I get Goosebumps vibes right from the start.

Horror and Revenge

Surrounding the story is a teenager in New Orleans – Shawna and she is unexpectedly going to have revenge on her tongue. Shawna’s mother is going through a hard time and she is trying to be supportive. Even when she is in distress, she still checks in on her mother. With her best friend Pedro, Shawna looks for anyone and anything that can help find those who hurt her and those she loves. Evil forces may be strong, but nothing is stronger than… family.

With some help and creativity, they seek out answers and quickly get in over their heads. Still doesn’t stop them.


Paved in Good Intentions

So who’s behind it? You find out that there is a cult that is especially active around the low-income housing complex. Their leader has seen excruciating pain and suffering. He’s seen the trials from the 1800s to modern times. Aside from his plans and actions, he has good intentions and you can even empathize with the villain – something I have a guilty pleasure for. That’s what makes villains stand out.

Catch it on Amazon Prime

Black as Night is a fun horror film. It’s filled with entertaining scenes, superb acting, and a story that brings to light many social issues. We’ve gotten so far and the industry as a whole has been improving.

Be sure to catch it on Amazon Prime. Check it out, it’s worth a watch. I hope this is only the beginning for the people that made Black as Night a reality. I rate it at a 7/10.

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