Big Geekified 2017 Summary. Part 1/5: Music

How are you, Geekified readers? With January behind us, we’re way into 2018, so we thought we’d do a 2017 summary. Here’s the first part, where we talk about our music favourites.


Evanescence – Synthesis

This year saw a new release of Evanescence album which I was looking forward too. It is a departure from their signature “Gothic rock” sound. Nevertheless, it is surely interesting. On this album, we can hear old songs that are reimagined with a new blend of orchestra and electronic music. The band also introduces new songs, like the must-hear “Imperfection“. We also did an article about the album, which can be found here.

The Birthday Massacre – Under Your Spell

The Birthday Massacre, for me, was the biggest discovery in 2017. They’ve been in the music scene for over a decade and I’m really surprised I never got into them before. I just knew some of the remixes they did for Mindless Self Indulgence, which, by the way, were awesome! Their newest album “Under Your Spell” took me by surprise. This group has a haunting melancholic sound by blending a lot of musical genres, including but not limited to electronic, synthpop, punk, rock, emo and 80s pop. You can also notice recurring visual themes, especially the use of violet colour that represents their sound. And also bunnies, for some reason.


Fall Out Boy – M A N I A

Fall Out Boy once again release a new album and this one is a blend of music styles. These boys no longer play emo music, but rather a variety of music genres. Some songs sound like pop, while others resemble a more contemporary pop-rock sound. My favourite song off the album is the maniac “Young And Menace” that has an awesome blend of rock, electronic and even some dubstep. The song starts in very calm fashion and then flips over with crazy sounds. Gotta drop that bass and go MENACE.

Lorde – Melodrama

While in today’s pop music world Taylor Swift sings about her reputation, Lorde sings about subjects to which we can all relate: expectations, hopelessness, anxiety, happiness, disappointment, dreams and a bit of a heartbreak. Just like the real life, this album is full of emotions: happy, sad and everything in between. All of this music is wonderfully wrapped in an album called “Melodrama“. If you’re seeking for a really good modern day pop music that has a deep meaning within lyrics, search no further and give this album a shot! All songs are written by Miss Lorde herself.
Also, everyone can relate to Lorde. She is and feels different from all the generic pop stars, and doesn’t let the fame get to her. She is truly a wonderful and unique person.

GusGus – Featherlight (single)

After a long break, GusGus released another new song, called “Featherlight“. As usual, this song is a masterpiece in their own music genre with beautiful hypnotic sounds and lyrics.

Vök – Figure

This band from Iceland was an unexpected discovery for me in 2016. I instantly fell in love with their unique melancholic electronic sound and those beautiful haunting vocals by lead vocalist Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir. This year they released their first full-length album. I love to see how they evolve. This album is a perfect listen if you want to chill out and dive deep into their rich sounds. And, if you ever have a chance to hear them live – do it. Their live performance is like drugs in an audiovisual form. It kind of put your mind into the dream state and keeps you hypnotised and relaxed.  The best song off this album is definitely “Show Me”, which will appeal to wider audiences. It will send you to complete tranquillity and ease your mind.

Nothing But Thieves – Broken Machine

Nothing But Thieves – Another big personal music band discovery of 2017. While on the radio we have generic repetitive rock bands like Coldplay or Imagine Dragons, Nothing But Thieves brings that raw and fresh energy into today’s rock scene. Just check this song from their new album – Amsterdam! The beats are infectious and the lyrics are felt from the bottom of the heart!


Mark Mothersbaugh: Thor: Ragnarok
The keyboardist from Devo composed the music. I think I’m lost in 80’s synth.

Arjen A. Lucassen/Ayreon: The Source
I planned to make a review on the album but I never got around it when it came out. It’s like an Opera but in musical form. The story is SciFi. It takes place before Earth where people give control to an artificial intelligence. The heavy metal and straightforward storyline made this album like a dream come true. Prog and metal fans rejoice!

Ke$ha: Rainbow
When we were unsure if we would see another album from Kesha, this surprised me in 2017 because I hadn’t been keeping up with her. I’m happy she put music out there again after the troubles with Sony. Happy to have her back. Enjoyed the album, too.


This year, besides feeding my nostalgia with discographies of the bands I used to listen when I was in my teens, I mainly listened to film score, so here are five best albums:

Michael Giacchino: War for the Planet of the Apes

One of Giacchino’s best work to date. Emotional, powerful and exceptionally beautiful, it made me teary in an instant.

Rupert Gregson-Williams: Wonder Woman

Gregson-Williams achieved something really amazing: not only did he manage to incorporate Zimmer’s instantly iconic theme so that it would not overshadow his own work, but also composed a score that would not leave my mind – I catch myself on humming his tunes almost every day. Last time it happened to me was with the amazing score to “Cloud Atlas” by Tom Tykwer and Johnny Klimek.

John Williams: Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

You might say Williams gets repetitive on his latest Star Wars soundtrack and you may be right – there are just three new themes here. But the thing with music based on leitmotifs is to use the previously composed material in a new way and that’s just what Williams does. Combining familiar tunes in unexpected ways and thus highlighting crucial elements of the film. The effect, if you try to listen carefully, is tremendous.


Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch: Blade Runner 2049

Zimmer and Walfisch’s music to the sequel of “Blade Runner” is, on one hand, a homage paid to Vangelis (the composer who wrote the music for the original film) and, on the other, an expansion upon it. Very interesting, modern and brave soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer: Dunkirk

It’s not a music you would like to listen on repeat, but what matters here is the concept. The ticking of the clock, the disturbing, intensifying sounds make you feel the dangerous atmosphere of Dunkirk and gives birth to a whole range of emotions.

These were our types, but we’re very curious about your choices, so don’t forget to head out to our comment section below or to our Facebook or Twitter!

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