Venom Teaser Trailer Is Out!

The new Venom movie is set to come out in October 2018. Releasing the film in October is too much of a marketing strategy since the the film is headed towards a darker and even horror tone. The comics involving the Symbiots are usually filled with gore and horror-like images.

You can feel the R rating.

Sony had plans of making a standalone Venom film back in 2007, but it got scrapped with the reboots, but Sony never gave up on the idea. This is years in the making and is taking place in what it seems to be its own universe. Carnage is rumored to make an appearance in the film.

Tom Hardy deleted this soon after posting it on his Instagram



Tom Hardy is playing the role of Eddy Brock. Hardy has already had a chance to play a comicbook character in the Dark Knight. When Eddy becomes the host for the Symbiote known as Venom, he is well known for being a villain to Spider-Man. One thing that many don’t know is that Venom becomes more of an Anti-Hero like the Punisher. Whereas Spider-Man prefers non-lethal ways of taking out bad guys, Venom usually resorts to killing the bad guys.


Filmmakers are getting more confidence in making R rated films since the huge success of Deadpool 2016. Which, by the way. We have been blessed with back-to-back trailers to comic book movies. Yesterday we had the brand new Deadpool trailer featuring Cable. If you haven’t seen it, then no worries, I got you. <3



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