Pixar’s Coco Review

Coco is a new animated movie by Disney’s Pixar, the same people that brought us Toy Story released on Thanksgiving. It has received an excellent reception from viewers.  The main character is a boy named Miguel with the dream to play music in a family that has forbidden.

They Are Serious

Whereas most of the time there is a Halloween theme it is expected to be dark and grim, Dia De Los Muertos honoring and respecting your ancestors. Family. The Mexican holiday and the many nuances about Mexican culture were captured perfectly. Art, scenery, music, and dance was all as authentic as it gets. It’s colorful and full of life.

It’s Beautiful

The story takes many twists and turns that I never really expected. Knowing it’s Pixar, it was expected for the film to be deeply emotional with incredibly well-animated visuals. Instead, what was delivered was so much more than has been expected from Pixar.


Heck Yeah!

I strongly recommend this film if you haven’t seen it, as I’m expecting at least a nomination for Coco to be the Animated Film of The Year. It has light humor alongside the discrete morbid reality in Coco. The film isn’t directed at only one age group – Coco is a film for everyone. It reminds me of when I went to see The Iron Giant and saw teenagers, children with their parents, and old couples in the theater. Pixar’s Coco is a film that will leave you satisfied that you risked the price of a movie ticket, and you will thank yourself for it. You’ll have to get past the lengthy Frozen short film, first; it’s about the holiday season and it set up your heart strings for Coco.

I want a Dante Short Film


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