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Onward – a step backward?

Onward – a step backwards? Disney Pixar has been riding a rocky road lately. Other than the cash cow that is Frozen 2, there haven’t really been any memorable films lately that have grabbed our attention since Toy Story 4 last year. So when I first saw the trailer for Onward I had high hopes…. Continue reading


Pixar’s Coco Review

Coco is a new animated movie by Disney’s Pixar, the same people that brought us Toy Story released on Thanksgiving. It has received an excellent reception from viewers.  The main character is a boy named Miguel with the dream to play music in a family that has forbidden. Whereas most of the time there is… Continue reading


Inside Out movie review

Ever been feeling, angry? How about sad? Or fearful? Disgusted maybe…? Well it may help sometimes just to remember – it’s all in your head… and in Disney Pixar’s newest summer hit Inside Out – it turns out it really is! 2014 saw no Disney Pixar movies released in the cinema, except if you count… Continue reading