Pokémon Go wants you back!

It’s been some time since Pokémon Go, created by Niantic first realeased and although it initially generated a lot of hype, there’s still a big challenge facing the creators: to keep the players interested. Let’s look at some of their actions.

First of all, Pokémon Go finally released an update on December 6th with one feature for which fans had been asking for months: trainers will be able to transfer multiple Pokémon at a time to Professor Willow. To use this function, you just have to press and hold on a Pokémon. From now on it will be easier to send multiple Rattatas and Pidgeys to Professor Willow. Besides that there are some other fixes, but they’re minor and don’t add anything new gameplay-wise. Well, most of them, because there’s one more important thing: the “Nearby” tracking is finally back. It really feels like Niantic tries their best to bring back the same hype as the one when the game was initially released. But wait! There is more! It was something quite Onixpected, to be honest.


The next update might include Generation 2 Pokémons. As Cnet reports, the USA’s fourth-largest wireless carrier is partnering with Niantic, to turn more than 10,500 Sprint, Boost Mobile and Sprint-RadioShack stores into PokeStops and Gyms. The new deal takes effect December 12. And the most important thing, on December 12th, we will get more details from Niantic about when exactly we will be able to catch Gen 2 Pokemons.  Another interesting fact –  the dataminers have found references to all 100 Generation 2 Pokémon from the Johto region in the games code, everything from Chikorita to Celebi. That seems to indicate that the new Pokémons are on their way. After all, data miners in the past were right; the most recent one being Ditto update.

Another interesting Pokémon Go news – Starbucks barista leaked confidential info. Thanks to this we now know the game creators will partnership with Starbucks. Now you will be able to drink your fancy coffee cup and catch some new Pokémons. You will even be able to buy a “Pokémon Go Frapuccino blended creme”. It pretty much looks like a bunch of blended Rattatas. Now you know, where all your transferred Pokémons go (not a pun) to. So, what Pokémon do you want in your Frapuccino?

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