New Dragon Ball Film and FLCL!

Dragon Ball Film and News

There is a new Dragon Ball Super film in the works. Everyone. The hype is REAL!

The animation looks smooth – much like the most recent Dragon Ball films: Battle of The Gods and Resurrection of Frieza. With the Tournament of Power ending, it’s still unclear as to where Dragon Ball is going. Episode 130 was beyond what Dragon Ball fans deserve. Seriously, it’s epic! If you grew up with Dragon Ball, you need to check out Dragon Ball Super just for Goku and Jiren fighting it off. Two characters with similar thirsts for power with different motivations. So it’s surprising that there is going to be a movie. After all, most Dragon Ball movies are pretty much Non-Cannon. But we very little of this new enemy Goku is fighting next. One thing is sure, is that Goku is an incredible character that changes the hearts of those he comes across. Most of his allies where once enemies, but that’s an entire topic of its own!

Seriously. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130. Worth it! Rocking its way from the past. FLCL

If you grew up with Dragon Ball, it’s very likely that you know what FLCL is! A short series of only 6 episodes, yet many people know FLCL. Two new seasons are confirmed, along with Haruko’s original English voice actress! What a time to be alive and a fan of anime.



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