Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Review

130 Recap

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The Tournament of power has finally come to an end. I will be including spoilers. Just for a recap, in Episode 130 we had an incredible battle of Jiren and Goku. Goku seemed like he was going to finish the fight. Actually, it seems like a very similar scene as to when Goku had defeated Frieza the first time on Namek. This is when Goku gave energy to Frieza. However, before Goku was able to make the next move, his Ultra Instinct ran out and all of the energy he had used up came crashing down on him rendering him incapable of defending himself. Jiren takes the chance to knock out Goku and miraculously Frieza saves Goku from getting knocked out. Next to Frieza is No. 17 when everyone had thought he had died.

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I want to start off by saying that the obvious power gaps are irritating. No. 17 and Frieza were holding their own against Jiren. I know that Jiren was tired, but still. Jiren is supposed to be unfathomably stronger than both of them.  This is something that has become more and more common in Dragon Ball Super. I suppose it makes sense, though. After all, Frieza is pretty strong on his own and No. 17 has impressive stamina because he is an Android.


The fight between Jiren and the teamed up No. 17 and Frieza had incredible moments. There were many times when Frieza mocks him and even saying,  “I don’t sense that absolute strength you exhibited earlier anymore”. A clear sign that the fight Jiren had against Goku had worn him out. Afterward, Jiren proves to not be a pushover even in his weakened state.  Vowing to finish Jiren off and acquire the Super Dragon Balls, Frieza strikes multiple nerves on Jiren and making him attack first.

During the fight, there is one scene that was one scene in which Frieza provokes Jiren again. Jiren steps on Frieza’s tail and uses him as a punching bag. Frieza still isn’t helpless as he smashes Jiren in between two large chunks from the arena using telekinesis. It’s not until No. 17 interrupts the fight to put a devastating blow to Jiren that makes him throw up. Jiren is an interesting character. He became strong in solitude so he would never have to feel the pain he did when he was younger. Jiren didn’t form bonds. Yet Toppo tells Jiren that even though Jiren doesn’t believe in himself, Toppo believes in Jiren.

Pierce the heavens!

At this point, it seems as though Jiren is no longer just fighting for himselfhe’s fighting for his friends. Jiren completely overwhelms No. 17 and Frieza. The fight up to this point gives Goku enough time to rest and be able to finish the fight. This is when we see the thing that was entirely unexpected – Goku and Frieza working together! At this point, Jiren realizes the power of trusting your allies. It takes both Goku and Frieza to push Jiren out of the platform, eliminating themselves. I love that Jiren has character development and learns how important it is to trust and rely on those around you. This is something that affects us in all of our lives. Before Universe 11 is erased, Goku tells Jiren that he wants to fight him again. This puts a smile on his face.

With everyone else eliminated, No. 17 is the last one standing and is presented with the Super Dragon Balls. Turns out if the wish would have been selfish, everything would have been deleted. However, No. 17 wishes for all of the Universes to be restored. Goku, as always, having an effect on the people he comes into contact with. This selfless act puts a smile on all of the Angels, including Whis. “That mortals can change,” Whis adds. Yet it seems like it was planned that way.

Although Frieza didn’t get the Super Dragon Balls, he still wants to be revived. Whis grants Frieza his wish by reviving him as a gift from Beerus. Whis is an Angel, and we are unclear as to what his limits are. Now we know he can revive people. It seems like it will end up interfering with story-telling in the future. We see Frieza above his army. Frieza says he doesn’t plan on changing his evil ways; and we know by now that if he does become troublesome, Goku and his friends will take care of Frieza.

Building up towards the end was the closure of the Universes, as well as Goku and friends celebrating. Vegeta does not want Goku to be the strongest, and Goku says that he can’t attain Ultra Instinct. Fans are going to want to see Ultra Instinct again. So it’s very likely we will be seeing it again in the future. In the end, we are given a scene that is reminiscent of the first time Goku and Vegeta fought during the Saiyan Saga. They assume the same fighting stance as the first time they met.

With another film set to release in December of 2018, it is clear that this isn’t the end of Dragon Ball. Even the ending of Episode 131 feels like the ending of a Season or an Ark. It’s not a bad thing if the Dragon Ball Super team takes a break. That way when they come back they are full of energy to continue. Dragon Ball is surely far from over, and I look forward to it. I hope you do, as well. It was truly an ending fit for Dragon Ball.



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