Sonic Movie trailer is out

The trailer for the anticipated film adaptation of Sonic video games has finally been released. Watch it below:

Read some of our thoughts below:


Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer is finally out! In just an hour after it’s release there’s already a heated-up discussion about the trailer with greatly varying opinions. With one thing most fans agree – Sonic The Hedgehog design is just too odd, alienating the absolute majority of Sonic fans. Despite that, Ben Shwartz did a tremendous job of voicing Sonic The Hedgehog. Jim Carrey seems to be the main hope for this movie not to be a flop. Otherwise, the movie special effects seems sub-par, the Sonic The Hedgehog looks extremely odd. Though at some scenes it looks almost pleasing, but at some it looks just terrifying. The story-line.. Well, it seems to be okay. Nothing too exciting and nothing too horrible. Despite it all, I’m still planing to see the movie, just out of sheer curiosity. And I’m really excited to see how Jim Carrey will play out the Dr. Eggman as the trailer seems to make it promising.


Sometimes in this movie Sonic looks good..

..but sometimes it doesn’t


Looks descent halfway and I even told myself I’ll enjoy it.

Sonic goes from looking cute to freaky with his too human body. Robotnik’s design is sweet, and I like the tech around him – I especially like the glove. I’ll probably still enjoy it, just damn the generic formula Hollywood always takes.

Sonic Movie – Eggman’s glove is high tech


I still can’t wrap my head around what I have just seen. A major video game franchise got hollywoodised in the worst possible meaning. The story seems to be not fitting the established tone of the Sonic games and is filled with throw-away comedy bits. And the production value looks cheap. There is something terribly wrong with Sonic’s face (kind of looks like out of these “Annoying Orange” YouTube videos) and his overall silhoutte, which is a halfway between a human body and a hedgehog. The make-up effects are also bad, especially Robotnik’s moustache. And then, it looks like the actors are totally uninspired except for Carrey who takes it in the opposite way and overacts hard. I don’t predict good reviews or high box-office results

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