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Sonic The Hedgehog movie review

The much-anticipated film Sonic the Hedgehog has launched this week and has stormed into theatres at the speed of sound to overwhelmingly positive feedback. After the trainwreck trailer that dropped last April, fans took to social media to voice their anger and horror at the CGI sonic and with good reason to. Just to refresh,… Continue reading


Sonic Movie trailer is out

The trailer for the anticipated film adaptation of Sonic video games has finally been released. Watch it below: Read some of our thoughts below: Daniel Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer is finally out! In just an hour after it’s release there’s already a heated-up discussion about the trailer with greatly varying opinions. With one thing… Continue reading


Sonic Mania – you’d be manic to miss it!

It’s been quarter of a century since a little blue hedgehog ran into our lives with a sonic boom! Since then he’s collected countless rings, defeated hundreds of enemies and against all odds always saved the day. His journey has been one full of many highs and some lows as he’s spin-dashed through various consoles… Continue reading