Motion Poster for Sonic The Hedgehog movie has been revealed (UPDATED!)

UPDATE 14th of December, 2018:

We discovered some new news regarding the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and how Sonic look like. There’s a rumor that this poster was used internally and is about one years old. Apparently someone leaked it for us to see. We’re not sure if it’s an original but it really looks like the real deal. We doubt that any fan would have actually the work that is this detailed, this fast (since the movie poster was premiered this week). What do you think of this one? We believe this looks a lot better than most of the people have expected.

Sonic movie poster

Also this:


Today Sonic The Hedgehog movie news hit us by a storm – IGN has premiered the first motion poster for Sonic The Hedgehog movie. It has left the fans baffled; that’s putting it lightly! It’s going to be very difficult to see anything positive coming from this. A Sonic The Hedgehog film may not be impossible as we all saw how adorable Pikachu looked like as a 3D animation with the trailer to the upcoming Detective Pikachu film. It’s always difficult to say where the problem lies because so many people work on it. Whether it is the producers, writers, director, etc. The poster they showed us is nearly a silhouette, and it feels like a lack of confidence.

See? Now, this is a cute and great looking 3D live-action model!


Following the criticisms of the new look has also sparked memes. The fans and internet, in general, are relentless and in the span of few hours, a lot of hilarious memes are being created. Here’s a few of them:

Closing thoughts

While the motion movie poster left most of the fans disappointed, we shouldn’t give up our hopes yet. Yes, the movie poster doesn’t look too promising but let’s keep in mind that we saw basically a silhouette. We still need to see the trailer, which will reveal how the 3D CGI model for the upcoming live-action movie will really look like. We won’t be able to give a complete judgment until we get a trailer and see more. Right now this situation reminds me of Sonic Boom reveal where we also saw silhouettes. In the end, it turned out to be not so bad (despite the Knuckles who skipped the leg day). We all know, that sometimes fans can be beyond cruel on the internet. But it’s all because we all love this character so much, and don’t want for it to look bad.

This single picture drove fans crazy back in the days when “Sonic Boom” re-designs where to be revealed

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