E3 2019 Schedule and Expectations

E3 2019 Expectations and Schedule

So. E3 is here and ready to hype us for impending disappointment; it is really about the journey and not the destination when it comes to E3 hype. So while it’s upon us, let’s have some fun. After all, this is where we get to see exciting new games coming out and see many of them for the first time. A place where developers get to flex and… well, flex some more. Let’s be honest here. Still, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a sucker for this kind of stuff. Almost makes me feel like I’m 10 years old, again (press F for respects on getting old).

This year PlayStation is skipping E3. Not only is it surprising, but it is also really interesting. PlayStation is one of the biggest developers and there are even rumors of PS5 circulating. So the only reason they would skip E3 is if they have something under their sleeve like going for a streaming announcement setup like Nintendo (it’s probably just Hideo Kojima), or budget cuts. PlayStation is huge, so I’m going to assume it’s not the latter.

My E3 Expectations

As for the other companies, EA will be up with a live event instead of a traditional press conference. Microsoft will have more news on their new Halo game and hopefully a new exclusive or maybe even another Fable. Please, Microsoft, make exclusives and KEEP them. There may even be news on a new console from Microsoft. I don’t expect many exclusive reveals, unfortunately.


Learning from recent mistakes, I believe Bethesda will have a large portion of their press conference about how they are improving Fallout 76 for anyone that hasn’t completely blacklisted it from their playlist. Along with Fallout 76 news, I expect them to learn about overselling at an event and possibly a teaser for The Elder Scrolls VI game. I expect it to run around 1 minute.

Square Enix will obviously be showing off its Final Fantasy VII Remake along with Marvel’s Avengers. If only they would continue to release the final DLCs for Final Fantasy XV, but at least we’re getting more story in book form coming to the US this Fall of 2019. Maybe some surprise Lara Croft news.

Ubisoft may probably have Assassin’s Creed news with the release of a DLC. Last year they had a dance at the start of their conference. I expect Ubisoft’s conference to be solid with gameplay and some entertainment. Seriously, Ubisoft usually has a lot of fun on these events. I know I’ll never get a continuation to Prince of Persia 2008, but I can dream every E3 season.

Nintendo will… be Nintendo. Has there ever been a time in which Nintendo has completely disappointed us since before we were even teens? Smash Bros. news. I am wishing for an F-Zero game to be announced. Witcher 3 will be announced for the Switch, more Pokemon news, and hype building for Animal Crossing! And Hopefully Metroid Prime 4 news.

Schedule: E3 2019

EA Play Live Stream: Saturday, June 8th 9:30 AM Pacific Time (PT) If you missed it, you can click here for the full stream and a summary.

Microsoft: Sunday, June 9th – 1:00 PM PT

Bethesda (hopefully with 16 times the detail): Sunday, June 9th – 5:30 PM PT

Devolver Digital: Sunday, June 9th – 7:00 PM PT

PC Gaming Show: Monday, June 10th – 10:00 AM PT

Ubisoft: Monday, June 10th – 1:00 PM PT

Square Enix: Monday, June 10th – 6:00 PM PT

Nintendo Direct: Tuesday, June 11th – 9:00 AM PT

Whatever happens, I’m excited to see what they have and not be too judgemental. I try to be fair, but also not try to give free passes because I believe we deserve better, and our favorite games deserve better. When I criticize I do it out of love; and because maybe one day one of these companies will throw money at me. Having lower expectations and being proven wrong is better than having high expectations and getting disappointed.

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