Don’t make a sound! “A Quiet Place. Part II” trailer hits the web.

A shot from “Quiet Place. Part II” with the main characters going through a forest.It’s 2020, and one of the first geeky things we saw, was the trailer for the sequel of an excellent horror film, “A Quiet Place”. The original told a story about a post-apocalyptic reality where even the slightest sound attracted vicious monsters. We followed the family of Abbotts who were willing to do anything in order to protect their children.

As the trailer suggests, not only will we see Abbotts’ further trials and tribulations but also the beginnings of the mysterious creatures’ invasion. The opening sequence of the trailer footage, with the POV inside Abbotts’s car, is incredibly intense and promises a worthy sequel. The next scenes are equally interesting. There’s a new place, there are new people and new interactions.

Although it’s just a trailer, you can pretty much guess that the themes tackled in the original (how much parents can do to protect their children) will be continued, but John Krasinski also seems to ask what people are willing to sacrifice in order to protect themselves. And there’s a beard-sporting Cillian Murphy, so there’s that too.


Anyways, “A Quiet Place. Part II“ hits the cinemas on March 20th. We can’t wait enough. Make sure to watch the trailer and tell us what you think!


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