Dreamfall Chapters finale to be finally released


It has been more than a year and a half since the release of the first episode or – as it is called by the creators – the first book of Dreamfall Chapters. Since then we got three more books, the last of which came out in November. The team of Red Thread Games have been working hard on the last entry in the series and at last we’ll see their efforts come into fruition: the final, fifth book of Dreamfall Chapters titled Redux will hit Steam, GoG.com and Humble Store on June 17th. Below you can watch a teaser trailer, which for me – as a long-time fan of the series – was truly moving.

The music, the editing, the choice of scenes! OK, I’m clearly too hyped up for this game, but well… you can’t not be.


Dreamfall Chapters serves as a continuation of 2006 Funcom game titled Dreamfall, set in the same world (actually, plural would be more appropriate, so here it goes: worlds) as the adventure game classic The Longest Journey. Connecting the Telltale Games-ish interactive movie mechanics with classic point-and-click elements and puzzle solving, Dreamfall Chapters is one of the finest games in its genre and I can’t wait to see how the story – very powerful, ambitious and up-to-date – ends. If you haven’t yet played the game yet, you should definitely give it a try, but not before you’ve finished both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

Are you looking forward to the last book of Dreamfall Chapters? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter! And stay tuned for our review of the game as soon as we finish it!


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Well i was so annoyed i never played the earlier games, i wont lie i had not heard of it, but after just an hour of this game i had to stop and go search out the previous games before i got TOO into it and missed out because i thought “book 5 what have i missed out on” but that was all down to me haha, amazing game so far so well put together nicely written great music great atmosphere, i think im going to enjoy this start to finish..

i even found a princess leia easter egg on the wall (comes up in part 3 of my walkthrough) gets an extra point for that alone so 11/10 so far for me cant imagine im going to come across much disappointment in this game.



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