Marvel Ultimate Alliance: The Re-Release Hurdles

The Good

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a game I adored. The first game came out around ten years ago, and the fun I had playing with my family on a single console at home was an experience that is irreplaceable – the online, on top of that, was great! Each character has a set of skills and abilities you can improve as you level up. You can unlock different costumes from different eras of the characters, and each costume adds different benefits! So whether you want to play as Symbiote Spidey, or Iron Man Suit Spidey, your fashion choices will be rewarded.

As always, I’m sceptical about “Remasters” it usually seems they are just increasing the resolution and updating the graphics – this is especially true when it comes to PC with the availability of third party patches and mods. DLC is one of the things I expect out of Remasters and Re-Releases because it gives more incentive to people that have previously owned it, and it lets new players get a full experience. The improvements to the graphics is a nice sight for a game that is over ten years old. Right now, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are on sale for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

The Bad

The PC version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are riddle with glitches. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1, more specifically, has frustrating issues with button mapping and most other settings. For the most part, it seems as though both games run fine on both consoles, but PC needs fixes; most people are even having issues with their Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers on PC. Creative Director at Marvel Games posted a tweet that Activision is working on the bugs and bringing DLC to us.


Another issue with the release of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games on the current gen consoles and PC is that the game is ten years old and still Activision is selling it for $40USD each, individually, or $60USD as a bundle. When compared to the resent Re-Release of Resident Evil 5, last month, it was released at $20USD with all DLCs. As someone who loved the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, I will say that getting the games to play with a group of people is an incredibly enjoyable experience that is well worth it, but I can’t deny that the price is a little steep – this is something we have just come to expect from Activision.


If you love Marvel and want to get a chance to play with some of your favorite characters, have friends you play games with regularly, or just simply remember the games when they were first released, then you won’t be disappointed with this release (unless it’s on PC because they have a lot to fix on there. After they fix it, be sure to pick it up!). It’s definitely nice to see Marvel Ultimate Alliance, again. I remember discovering new characters that weren’t well known – at least to me – like Moon Knight. I really hope they are setting up a release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Hopefully they will see that there is still a demand for the series so we can continue to enjoy a team of Marvel characters Smashing Skrull, once again.



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