Venom revealed in the new trailer!

Venom Reveal

For the first time, we get a look at what Venom is going to look like in the new film with man crush, Tom HardyVENOM (obviously). The film’s release date will be October 5th, 2018. It’s already looking like a Happy Halloween.

VENOM is not going to be the origin story that is most commonly known. Venom is a Symbiote. Symbiotes require a host to live while providing benefits to the host. Like strength, speed, a beautiful grin, and a brand new set of teeth. Eddie Brock, Tom Hardy‘s character, is a reporter that gets a little a little too curious. Together go under the same name as the Symbiote, Venom.

Not Pictured: John Wick or Oblivion Guard

Eddie Brock has good intentions. There is a moral dilemma when Eddie Brock says, “if you’re gonna stay you will only hurt bad people.” Starting off as small voices, Venom reminds Eddie, “we can do whatever we want.” Eddie Brock quite literally is fighting an inner demon. Seriously. Eddie Brock seems like a very likable guy and a stand-up guy. Like a Golden Retriever summoning a Demonic Spirit. Venom becomes an anti-hero. A monster that, for the most part, kills bad people. It’s like an adult version of the Boogie Man. I have a thing for monsters doing anti-hero things. Like taking out criminal scum.


Birth of An Anti-Hero

I can’t get over how Venom looks. The way Venom forms around his face before saying, “We are Venom”.  Venom has always had facial prominent facial features. So I like that they went ahead and brought those over from the Comics. The exaggerated lower jaw one of them, the eyes, and just that entire mouth. Even the skin’s texture looks like it would be gross to the touch. Something like an amphibian’s skin. The Symbiote is an organism of its own, not a fashion choice. If you’re wondering, I am absolutely throwing shade at Spider-Man 3.

You can even see so much detail from the few seconds we get of Venom. I absolutely love the look of the white veins that are present throughout the black body of Venom. The tongue and all the drool dripping from his teeth and rolling down his tongue.

Terrifyingly Good


Ever since I was a kid I absolutely loved Venom and the Symbiotes. I thought they were terrifying and incredibly interesting. Especially Venom. He wasn’t just a Spider-Man with a color change. He had his own issues he dealt with and would sometimes even be the hero. Good things are coming this year!


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