Overwatch Winter Wonderland – Holiday Event 2018

Winter Wonderland

Overwatch thrives on events and it’s one of the ways that they keep their game alive and fresh. It brings new players in and it rewards dedicated players. Here is a wrap-up of the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch. With new game modes exclusive to the Holiday season, we also get exciting new skins.

A-Mei-Zing Holiday Gamemodes

First up, we have two game modes making a comeback from previous years: Yeti Hunter and Mei’s Snowball Offensive. You can earn new Sprays and Achievements/Trophies through these festive Holiday modes.

Yeti Hunter

As Mei, you are one of 5. Your job is to take down the Yeti (Winston) with a large health pool. You will use your Ice Wall to trap the Winston while the group of Meis attacks him. The Yeti will run to eat meat. When Winston eats 4 pieces of meat, he will become enraged and you will have to hide until the Yeti calms down. Mei’s Cryo-Freeze heals the standard amount, but it doesn’t last as long so it doesn’t save you from the enraged Yeti. Use your Ice Wall to make it harder for the Yeti to get you. Mei’s Ultimate in this mode is a Junkrat trap that takes a few seconds to become active. You respawn if the Yeti Kills you, but the Yeti only has to kill 5 times to win.


Yeti can only be played in Solo Que. As the Yeti you will have to eat meat and avoid getting overwhelmed by the 5 Meis. Your job is to kill off the Meis. It’s better to avoid them unless you single one out. Keep in mind that you can really surprise a Mei by finishing her off with a Melee since Mei will want to make full use of the Cryo-Freeze health regeneration. Once you eat 4 pieces of meat, your rage will make it much easier to take down Mei. Their Cry-Freeze can make it challenging, so make sure you catch them on their cooldown.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive

This is a 6 vs. 6 game mode that is first to 3 wins, and you only have one life every round. Your gun only has one snowball in it and then you have to reload using a pile of snow that spawns all over the map. You can use your Ice Wall or Cryo-Freeze to defend yourself or aggressively to attack a Mei. It only takes one hit to be out, so it’s like a game of Dodgeball. Your Ultimate in this mode grants you unlimited Snowballs within the duration of the Ultimate.

Skins, Emotes, Victory Poses, etc.

Along with every new event, there are new skins that are released. These fun new skins are exciting new unlocks that can only be earned through the Holiday Lootboxes – everyone gets one when they first log in during the event! If you have coins saved up, this is the time to go wild. the new Legendary skins are 3000 coins, but all of the previous Holidays skins are cheaper (Older Legendaries are 1000) if you’re looking to use your coins to unlock them. Make sure you hit the “What’s New” button on the menu. Here is a gallery of all the new Skins in the Winter Wonderland event of 2018. Hope you all have fun and enjoy this marvelous game.

If you’re interested in getting the game, here’s an  Amazon Affiliate link right below. There is also a ton of cool Overwatch merch as an emergency gift to an Overwatch player you love. Happy Holidays to everyone of all religions.


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