Year of The Ox – Lunar New Year on Overwatch


Is it still new info? Overwatch likes to do events throughout the year. Keeps us entertained with pretty colors, lights, and new game types. Though, I’m not gonna complain because I love the new outfits, Highlight Intros, Emotes. etc.; but we’re not getting new Emotes this year, just new outfits and Highlight Intros, etc. You can earn new and all past Lunar Year stuff (because there’s a bunch of stuff like sprays) through Loot Boxes and/or purchasing them with the in-game currency. They also give you a couple of free Lunar Year Loot Boxes just for logging in during the event.

Since 2020 was the year of THE RONA (jk, it was the year of the Rat. Rats are adorable. PERIOD), maybe 2021 being the Year of The Ox will bring good health to everyone! More specifically, it’s the year of the Metal Ox.

The Year of the Ox event will take place between Feb 4 – Feb 25 and each week there will be a chance to earn one of the 3 weekly skins.



If you want to look at the Lunar New Year stuff, you can check it out here. Although you can get most of the skins right away if you have tons of Overwatch Currency laying around, 3 of the new skins are locked behind weekly challenges – all you have to do is win 9 games during the week and you’ll unlock the skin, a spray, and a player icon. Not bad.

New and Returning Game Types

All of these game types will be added to the Arcade rotation, so look for them there.

  • Bounty Hunter: A new game type; the first player to get the kill becomes the Target while everyone else becomes the Bounty Hunter. If you kill the Target, you become the new Target. It’s always nice when you can say “tag, you’re it” with a finishing blow.
  • Capture The Flag: There’s going to be a ranked Competitive mode for this. So you gotta grab the enemy flag and bring it to your base while at the same time making sure they don’t take yours. It takes 3 caps to win.
  • Capture The Flag BLITZ: The flags will be much closer and it will take 6 captures to win. So like Capture The Flag, but with chaos.

Happy Lunar New Year

It’s really nice to see other cultures being celebrated, and having events like the ones in Overwatch exposes new people to new cultures. I think that’s neat. Take care and have fun.



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