E3 2018 Bethesda Press Conference

First I want to begin by saying that this presentation was the most fun and took a lot of risks. Bethesda is a name that many of us care and love. We have very fond memories with the Bethesda logo while booting up our favorite games. And let me tell you, they threw some big names out there, this year. If you are interested in the full Press Conference, here it is. They start off the showing appreciation to the many sides of Bethesda Studios. That was pretty cool! Now for the games.

Rage 2

They throw some shade at Walmart Canada for not being able to keep secrets. Then they give us a music performance by Andrew WK (next up, Ziltoid).  After the music performance, some comedy and a few puns. Really, Bethesda, keeping it fresh. Rage 2 is a post-apocalyptic shooter. Check out the performance, trailer, puns, and some gameplay footage of rage! The only release date we get is Spring 2019.

Elder Scrolls Legends

They are relaunching Elder Scrolls Legends with new visuals. Lends will be available later this year for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. You can play Elder Scrolls Legends on PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet right now and carry your progress over to console using your Bethesda NET account. Finally! I don’t have to grind for every console!

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online released Summerset last week. Summerset is the homeland of the High Elves. New content for Elder Scrolls Online comes out every quarter. The next piece of DLC coming out is called Wolfhunter. Later this year, we’ll be getting DLC based on Blackmarsh to explore the culture of the Argonians. The visuals are stunning.

Doom Eternal

The first Doom is a game that personifies the character and Doom perfectly. Doom had very subtle story-telling and a quiet protagonist. The Doomslayer is back, and there is nothing he loves more than bringing the pain to demons. Some say that demons look under their beds for the Doomslayer. Rip and Tear!

Quake Champions

Promising that Quake Champions will be the fastest First Person Shooter with huge support for the ESports community. A Free-To-Play version will be available if downloaded within the week. Anyone that downloads it within this period will be able to keep playing Quake Champions even after the trial closes. Download it here!


The new free update is promising to have infinite replayability. It is available now!

Wolfenstein II and Wolfenstein Youngblood

This is where the punches are not being held back. Wolfenstein is a special game in which you “beat the living fuck out of those Nazis”. Wolfenstein II will be available on the Nintendo Switch on June 29th 2018.

Wolfenstein Youngblood will feature the twin daughters. It will take place in the future and will take place in the 1980s in Paris. This will be a coop experience, as well. The trailer features words from Rocky Balboa.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a prequel and is 4 times the size of Fallout 4. This game was featured in Microsoft’s Press Conference. This time, we get the trailer and more information about the game. Turns out that every member of Vault 76 will be a player. Fallout 74 will be entirely online. You will still be able to play Fallout 76 solo. You will be able to join your friends whenever you want and take your progression with you. As players, we will be able to build our homes and move them anywhere. Multiple nuclear sites have been added all throughout the map, because what’s the worse that can happen? So choose your friends wisely and work together to unlife someone, together. Now that’s teamwork! There will be a BETA. The Collector’s edition will have a glow-in-the-dark map. The game comes out November 14th of this year!

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is being released for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. They will still be free.

Elder Scrolls Blades

Promises a complete Elder Scrolls experience on the mobile platform with console quality graphics. This game will most likely not be kind to your mobile device’s battery. The entire game will also be able to be played in portrait mode. For a mobile phone, it truly looks incredible.


Elder Scrolls Blades will have 3 different game modes:

  • Abyss – An endless dungeon experience.
  • Arena – You will do battle with other players in 1 on 1 battles.
  • Town – Customize your town. You will be able to upgrade, decorate and visit your friend’s towns.

Elder Scrolls Blades is planned to be connected to every console possible. The vision is to be able to play in an office while in a meeting against someone at home using VR. How exciting is that? You can sign up for early access here.


A brand new IP. They have announced a new IP. Not much of a video. However, it’s something to look forward to.

The Elder Scrolls VI

They show a small video. It’s confirmed. We are getting a brand new Elder Scrolls game. I don’t know how to feel about this because I haven’t played enough Skyrim, but then again, who has?


Bethesda took a lot of risks and dropped the F-bomb at least a couple of times. They continue to prove why Bethesda is so respected within the gaming industry. We are still a long way from Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. In the meantime, we have a ton of games and content coming between now and the release of the giants. Then again, it seems like every Bethesda game is a giant in its own right.

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