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So the New Year is well and truly upon us again and so are the resolutions. After the indulgence of Christmas and Valentines treats, unsurprisingly a vast majority of us vow to lose those extra pounds in time to become an Adonis for the summer… sometimes we do this, quite often we don’t.

Some of the more determined of us eat less snacks, watch calories and exercise more. Some people will splash out on gadgets and gizmos to help them along the way. Perhaps the most popular aide is the new boom of the 21st century – wearable tech – fit bands.

The Fitbug Orb is an adorable little member of this family and becoming a firm favorite among users, it comes with a comfy rubber wrist-band so you can wear it the same as you would a watch, or a clip for more discreet wear.


These little devices come in all shapes and sizes but their purpose is mostly the same – monitor your daily activity and calories burned. They also monitor your sleep so you can easily gauge how well you slumber in the land of nod.

The charm of the device is simply its size and surprising durability. Before the Orb, Fitbug Air was a bulky and ugly device a lot bigger than its descendant. By comparison, Orb is a lot smaller and simpler to use. It lacks a display the air has but this is easily picked up by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth.


Once you link it to your e-mail account, which is done at registration to activate the device, the folks at Fitbug send you a weekly report on how well you’ve done. Weight of the wearer is entered manually so it’s important to keep this updated regularly so you’re doing the recommended amount of exercise and burning the recommended calories.

By opening the e-mail to view your progress, you will be logged onto the website to view your stats and viewing additional pages will bring up the latest trends, recipes and tips on how to make the most of your device.

At £49.99 direct from the website, the Orb may not be the cheapest fit band out there, but is certainly one of the most versatile with lots of additional accessories available to maximize its usage, certainly value for money for the cost of that slap up meal… and you can use it to help work it off.


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