Last week’s hottest trailers: “Suicide Squad”, “Rogue One” and more!

Last week was full of trailer and teaser goodies. Most of the hottest ones came out during the 25th MTV Movie Awards gala which aired this Sunday, some were released earlier last week (often quite unexpectedly). Let’s take a look at the ones which look the most promising!


Warner Bros. continues the tradition of editing the “Suicide Squad’s” trailers around some catchy tunes. After “I started a joke” in the San Diego Comic-Con preview and “Bohemian Rhapsody” in last trailer, this time they use two songs: “You don’t own me” originally by Lesley Gore and “Ballroom Blitz” originally by “Sweet”. So good music – check! And what else does the trailer offer? A further outline of the main premise, seeming to be deeply rooted in what happened in “Man of Steel” and “Batman V Superman” (see our review of the latter here), more action, more Harley Quinn (there’s even her signature mallet!), more Joker (who looks equally great and creepy – yay for Jared Leto!) and a snippet of Batman who may be featured in the movie more heavily than previously reported. See the rest for yourselves!


The “Harry Potter” saga may have ended but you don’t kill the goose that lays golden eggs, so we’ll be getting a spin-off set in New York of 1920s. We’ll be meeting Newt Scamander, the author of one of the Hogwart’s textbooks (the title of which is exactly the same as the title of the movie), and his magical suitcase which stores the titular beasts. But what if the beasts got out?
In the latest trailer we get re-introduced to the wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling, hear some familiar names and fall in love with Eddie Redmayne. Check it out!


If you still are in love with the latest “Star Wars” movie and cannot wait for Episode VIII, Lucasfilm and Disney have a treat for you to help you with the waiting: a spin-off story revolving around the Death Star, directed by “Godzilla’s” Gareth Edwards. As with the trend established by J.J. Abrams, the unexpectedly released teaser trailer (seriously, they just went and said: ok, today you’ll get a teaser) won’t spoil any details of the story, but will show you enough to get you hooked. And trust me – you’ll get hooked.


I’m not much of a Marvel guy, but you just can’t ignore the upcoming “Civil War”. Besides all the Bucky feels (sorry), it seems to be a hell of a ride with some deep themes touched upon along. The new trailer, which premiered during MTV Movie Awards, offers a glimpse of the new Avengers team in action, and a quick glance at some other scenes. No Spidey though, this time. Oh, well…


Eva Green shines – as she ever does – in the new trailer for season 3 of Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful”. But there is so much more! It seems we’ll be going out of London more often then ever before and the scale of the story will get much bigger. And if it isn’t enough to get you sold, remember that Malcolm Murray’s Fearless Team of Monster Hunters (MMFToMT in short, you can use it freely, you’re welcome) will come across more characters from the gothic novels classics – a certain Dr. Jekyll included. See what else they’ve got in store.


Last, but not least, is a trailer for the second season of – arguably -one of the best and most unappreciated series in 2015, “Bloodline”. The Rayburns did something terrible and must face consequences. The past loves to come back in the most inappropriate moments. But if it brings along the amazing Ben Mendelsohn – then why not?

Let us know which trailer you liked the most!


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