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Metal Gear… Survive (Please do)

Now, one of the biggest things that stood out at Gamescom, for me, was Metal Gear Survive. Now, the name alone interested me because Metal Gear Rising was something a lot of people complained about, but it was freakin’ awesome and everyone wanted to play as cyborg Raiden. When I saw Metal Gear Survive, I was a bit disappointed because I didn’t expect another “survival” type zombie game. Then again, are people too quick to judge? We haven’t seen gameplay, but I do dearly hope that Metal Gear Survive will be fun and exciting. I would hate to see the misuse of the Metal Gear Franchise now that Kojima is not part of the Metal Gear Franchise.


Metal Gear Rising was a fantastic use of the franchise, but this just seems so out of place. I do hope to see more from this, and hopefully Konami will do not only what is in our best interests, but their best interests, as well. Metal Gear Survive could have been a new IP, but again, I do hope that their vision is fun. Konami has responded to the negative comments about Metal Gear Survive, and I do hope they show us gameplay, soon.

What would I like to see from Metal Gear Survive? Well, I’d like to see some Stealth elements. Although we have always had fun mowing down waves of enemies, I would like it to have an element of stealth so it stands out from many of the other games. I want to see team-based survival in which players rely on each other to survive. I also want to see a tie-in to Metal Gear Solid V, as well as an objective. From the trailer, it seems as though they are gathering supplies near a piece of Mother Base – probably to get back home.

As for the future, I sure hope that Metal Survives (I was looking forward to typing this). I wish success to both Kojima and Konami.


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