A Disney gift for every geek!

For holiday 2016, Disney Publishing is a one-stop-shop

Santa’s erudite elves, particularly those working the Disney beat, have outdone themselves this year! The current Disney literary (a.k.a. Disney Publishing Worldwide or Disney Book Group) offerings – from Disney Editions, Disney Press, Hyperion, Marvel Kids, and others of their ilk – are an impressive bunch. The 2016 Disney reading list ranges from splashy coffee table books to adult coloring titles, and from whimsical children’s literature to how-to business manuals.

During this holiday season, there truly is at least one Disney book for every kind of geek. Plus, there are page-turning goodies for those in proverbial Never Neverland (i.e., non-Disney fans). In short, shop! Below is gift book roster with bonus features (Fun facts! Target demographics! Gift wrap guidelines!) Clip, save, and reuse!

1) A pairing of “Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil” by Jen Darcy, with “Art of Coloring: Disney Villains: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation” – Did you select the office mean girl for Secret Santa this year? If so, the above is a statement gift worthy of your consideration. The oversized, hard cover “Disney Villains” text is an illustrated, non-fiction masterpiece that chronicles the best of Disney and Pixar big screen baddies throughout history. The sophisticated coloring book, starring said villains, is an excellent companion. Together, the set drives home a powerful sentiment: it’s the thought that counts! (Take that, mean girl!)


2) “Shark Tank Secrets to Success: How to Propel Your Business from the Tank to the Bank” by Michael Parrish Dudell – This is a highly appropriate book for your boss, especially for an employer whose career is on the skids. Also consider encouraging your superior to watch complementary reality TV series “Shark Tank” on ABC. He/she might absorb tidbits that will mitigate workplace stress. We hope.

3) “Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure” by Matthew Reinhart – By now, you – the shopper – need a present, and this is it! Bestselling author/paper engineer Reinhart delivers a book epic in artistry and inventiveness. The pages spring forth with the familiar “Frozen” story, but readers will never tire of the low-tech, yet highly entertaining, ingenious interactivity within its pages. Due to the retail price ($40.00) and the high quality architecture, this book is most appropriate for grown-up Disney fans. That means you!

4) “Gravity Falls: Journal 3” from the brain of “Gravity Falls” animated series creator Alex Hirsch and his collaborators Rob Renzetti, Andy Gonsalves, and Stephanie Ramirez – On the jacket, Hirsch summarizes “Journal 3” thus: ‘If you’re a fan of the show, or just someone who likes to be confused, delighted, and horrified (in that order), then you’re in luck! In your hands you hold the Author’s coveted journal, a full-color, 288 page treasure trove of never-before-revealed secrets, monsters, and mysteries in the sleepy town of Gravity Falls.’ (Sold!)

5) A set including the coffee table tomes “The Art of Minnie Mouse” by Disney Book Group, plus “The Walt Disney Studios: A Lot to Remember” by Steven Clark and Rebecca Cline – At $80.00 ($40/book), this duo is an investment. The cost, plus the vintage Disney subject matter, deem these best for parents, grandparents, spouse(s), or anyone else – of a certain age – in need of extra TLC or just plain, old schmoozing.

6) “Marvel Doodles” – For the fanboy (or girl) in your life, “Marvel Doodles” is activity book perfection! It provides him (or her) with the chance to embellish professionally rendered Marvel favorites, such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Captain America. He/she also is able to create his/her own super hero interpretations, albeit with a little guidance from the pros.

7) “The Art of Coloring: Disney Animals: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation” – Time to bring it all home! Rather than reaching for Valium, please consider the purchase of one more gift. . . for yourself! Year end is a stressful time, and you need as many salves as possible. There is no better cure than adorable Disney critters, such as Jiminy Cricket, the Aristocats, and the cast of ‘The Lion King,’ to heal you. Enjoy guilt-free shopping – plus coloring – with written permission herein! (You’re welcome.)

For more facts and figures about the world of Disney, see the corresponding corporate website. Check retail sites and stores for merchandise.


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