Julien-K – the band you didn’t know you should know

For most of gamers, Julien-K are known from Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. One of their first and most notable contribution was scoring the Sonic Heroes (2003) game with the song This Machine. The game looks colourful and cheerful so it’s very interesting to see a dark electro rock song. Their later work involved creating a song Waking Up for the soundtrack score of the Shadow The Hedgehog (2005) game. Both carry an interesting blend of electronic and rock music genres, very lose to the industrial rock sounds.
For those who may not be aware, Sonic franchise is known very well for bringing great music acts together. Even if the game itself is bad – you can bet that the soundtrack will be very good.

And one band is the absolute favourite among Sonic fans – Crush 40. But for me, personally, Julien-K is the winner! Sure, it can be a matter of taste, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re very original with their sound and each new album brings both old and new interesting sounds with an amazing blend of electronic, rock and industrial music.

I’ve been following this band since I first discovered them thanks to previously mentioned games. And I’m sticking more and more with them as time goes on. They are not afraid to always re-invent themselves with each record and at the same time bring their trademark sounds.


You may ask why it deserves a separate article. Well, first of all – they’re awesome musicians producing great music. Their communications with fans is just top notch. Since 2009 they released 3 albums with 4th coming in June of 2016! It is very surprising that a band, which produces such good quality and original music have such a small fanbase. For the record, they have just over 22 000 + fans on Facebook. But one thing you can be sure about –  the fans are very loyal and do support  the band.

At one point the band was close to quitting music business whatsoever but before that they decided to try something new – a crowd funding campaign where they asked for fans to help out. And thanks to a small but extremely supportive fan base – all goals were met. And now they are in the middle of second crowdfunding campaign..

For their very latest album they created a crowd funding campaign through Indiegogo and.. the results were amazing. It even shocked the band members themselves. They did set a $10 000 goal to release a new album – CA NOIR CH.2 – NIGHTLIFE IN NEON. This bar of $10 000 was reached and exceeded just a little after one hour which is pretty amazing! Right now, after 18 days in campaign mode they’re getting close to 40 000$ (and it is likely it will be passed by the time you’ll read it).

If I managed to catch your interest, Spotify would be a great place to start. And while you’re on this (or any other) music streaming service – you can also check out Dead By Sunrise. It is the same as Julien-K with one spicy detail – you have Linkin Park lead singer Chester on vocals and the rest of the Julien-K members playing instruments. And, if you fell in love with their tunes,  you can Like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter and last but not least – fund them on Indiegogo campaign. And if you already know the band, you’re welcome to discuss it in the comments section and on our Facebook and Twitter for the ending part.


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