Big Geekified 2017 Summary. Part 2/5: Books and Comics

Welcome to the second part of our 2017 summary. This time we’ll talk about our favourite books and comics.


I didn’t read a lot of last year’s novels and comic books, instead focusing on doing some catching up with the classics. But here are two 2017 books which captured my imagination.

La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman


A follow-up to the wonderful “His Dark Material” series. The novel successfully transports you to the familiar world and yet again warns you against the dangers of fanaticism and religious manipulation. Smart, disturbing at times but ultimately optimistic, this is one of the best books I read last year.

Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier by Mark Frost

After the superb third season of “Twin Peaks”, Mark Frost returns with another novel set in the Peaksverse. Or, rather than a novel, a set of FBI records, I should say. With his second publication after 2016’s “The Secret History of Twin Peaks”, Frost tries to tie up some of the loose ends and offers an explanation as to the fates of some characters. Captivating and intriguing, this is a must-read for all the “Twin Peaks” fans.


Sonic The Hedgehog comic
2017 saw an unexpected turn. Sonic The Hedgehog comic publishing rights were taken away from Archie comics due to many reasons. The SEGA ended their long-term relationship with Archie and is now partnered with IDW Publishing, which kept giving hints to the upcoming series in 2017. I do believe that the new comics will be great, considering they retain the key writer from Archie Comics saga – Ian Flynn.

As with the last summary, these are only our types and we’re very curious about your choices, so don’t forget to head out to our comment section below or to our Facebook or Twitter!

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