Overwatch Reunion Trailer, Ashe Reveal, And More!

Hero # 29 is here, Ashe!

A new and exciting character has been introduced to Overwatch with a character video featuring McCree. Before I continue, let’s start with the trailer, and if you’re interested more in her abilities there will be videos later.

Reunion Trailer

Following up with some pie, and beautiful diner scenery, we see the train explode that’s at the start of Route 66. McCree confronts an old friend, and it’s definitely clear that the two of them have an intimate history together. I think it’s clear to say that Ashe is the Pale Rider (The song is linked). McCree had been waiting for a package, and Ashe’s curiosity is what keeps her from handing over her new prize. This just leads to McCree being surrounded by Ashe’s henchmen. And we all know that McCree is dangerous out in the open.

By the way, the animation is gorgeous

During the shootout, we get to see some of her abilities being used in a cinematic way. Ashe uses her guns, throws explosives, and B.O.B. acts like a character all on his own. From the moment they both met, it was clear that they both have a history together. Before riding off in Ashe’s bike, we get to see a picture of Ashe and McCree.


McCree fell in love with the Pale Rider

Hero #30 was announced with the reveal of Echo along with Ashe as Hero #29. Echo has a sleek and futuristic design. Hopefully, she will be a Support character because there are currently more DPS than Tanks and Supports combined. It’s exciting to see what is in store for Echo. Echo will play an important part within the story of the Overwatch Universe.

This Spaghetti Western Is Looking Good!


As the main weapon, Ashe will have an accurate pump rifle that will do extra damage when looking through your sights. The secondary weapon is a sawed-off shotgun that will have (at least) two uses: pushing enemies away that is a fantastic way to make space and you can use it to gain height by shooting the ground with it. Additionally, she will also be able to throw a powerful explosive that will. At least we know what Ashe used to blow up the tracks in the Reunion trailer.

Finally, her ultimate will be summoning B.O.B. When summoned, B.O.B. will charge forward and throwing enemies into the air. After throwing enemies into the air, he will stand still and shoot enemies like a turret. Although B.O.B. is set to have 1200 health, a stationary target can still be taken down quickly. This will hopefully make him balanced enough.

Final Thoughts

Ashe will prove to be an efficient character against defensive strategies because of her Ultimate’s ability to toss enemies into the air. She will definitely be effective in the medium range. The ability to crowd control will give her the power to slow down attackers, as well as break defenses when enemies are close together. It will be incredible fun seeing her be played and how she will fit into the current composition of teams. She’s even an incredibly interesting character.

An official release isn’t out, but you can expect to see her in the PC test servers, soon!

Where To Buy Overwatch

If you don’t have Overwatch, now is a fantastic time to join one of the best shooters currently out. Even with the release of Black Ops 4, Overwatch remains extremely popular. Overwatch is a class-based game in which different heroes with unique abilities fight to achieve an objective. You can purchase Overwatch for your preferred system. Digital and physical copies can be found in the links below.


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