One year done, lots more to go

A few days ago we had a little anniversary. April 8th marked a year since Geekified went officially online. Brought together by Dan, we’ve worked (sometimes not as hard as we were supposed to and, we confess, in differing intervals, but always very sincerely) to deliver some features on the widely understood geek culture. This… Continue reading

Twin Peaks Revival: First Photos

In the era of TV series revivals (we’ve had X-Files, Gilmore Girls, 24, Heroes and Dallas recently, just to name a few), there is one that I’m especially excited to see: Twin Peaks. It’s been 26 years since the series ended on that mesmerising cliffhanger (“Where’s Annie?” – I still shiver on a mere thought… Continue reading

Authentic geeks and where to find them: “Hidden Figures”

Who says that superhero films don’t snag awards?! As savvy moviegoers already know, “Hidden Figures” depicts the true story of three fearless, female African-American mathematicians at the forefront of the 1960s space race between the USA and Russia. Commercially and critically, the film is every bit as gripping as the clutch of Darth Vader. The… Continue reading