Glass final trailer revealed

The final trailer for the upcoming “Glass” has been released today and it promises yet another twist to the story established in “Unbreakable” and its surprise semi-sequel / spin-off “Split”. The film, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan (who has been hard at work to regain his director reputation) will continue the stories of… Continue reading

SoulCalibur VI Review

A New Tale of Two Swords The SoulCalibur franchise is an incredibly popular fighting game franchise. Bringing with it unique game mechanics, SoulCalibur VI brings a fresh new experience. Although, it has some flaws. SoulCalibur is famous for having guest fighters from other game franchises. This time, they gave us Geralt of Rivia from the… Continue reading

E3 2018 Nintendo Press Conference Round-Up

E3 2018 Nintendo Press Conference Round-Up Nintendo came blasting through. This is for a visual representation. Now let’s get started because there is a lot to cover. Daemon X Machina Nintendo opens with a third person mech game. The trailer shows off melee weapons, and fast-paced action. The mechs will be customizable. Seriously. Who doesn’t… Continue reading