‘The Standoff’ straight up: an interview with Ilyssa Goodman

The (Hollywood) hills are alive with the sound of standoff . . . and this one ain’t the Brangelina breakup! The stalemate in question relates to the September 20 digital release of the new film entitled “The Standoff.” It’s a veritable teen-influencer fest that stars Olivia Holt, Ryan McCartan, the Merrell Twins (Vanessa and Veronica),… Continue reading

Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear… Survive (Please do) Now, one of the biggest things that stood out at Gamescom, for me, was Metal Gear Survive. Now, the name alone interested me because Metal Gear Rising was something a lot of people complained about, but it was freakin’ awesome and everyone wanted to play as cyborg Raiden. When I… Continue reading

Are WB and DC taking the squad goals to a whole new level? A “Suicide Squad” review.

After Man of Steel, which had a mixed response, and Batman V Superman, which was panned by critics (although I liked it very much and here’s why) and underperformed in box-office, came the third DC Extended Universe movie: Suicide Squad. Written and directed by David Ayer, it wasn’t liked by critics either, but it has… Continue reading

‘Producing Animation’ and other indoor sports

Ye olde Animation Examiner (i.e., Marlene Sharp, animation columnist from the now-defunct AXS news outlet Examiner.com) has run the cartoon gauntlet lately. Besides the search for a new publishing platform, she has experienced the usual day-to-day challenges of a pro kids’ content collaborator, including head scratching, nail biting, stomach churning, and of course, putting one’s… Continue reading

New member of Geekified

We’re very excited to introduce a new member of Geekified.net – Marlene! She calls herself our granny but we really don’t think about her that way 🙂 Here are some words she wrote about herself, including her amazing experience. We’re happy to have her! SHARE shares