Authentic geeks and where to find them: “Hidden Figures”

Who says that superhero films don’t snag awards?! As savvy moviegoers already know, “Hidden Figures” depicts the true story of three fearless, female African-American mathematicians at the forefront of the 1960s space race between the USA and Russia. Commercially and critically, the film is every bit as gripping as the clutch of Darth Vader. The… Continue reading

Pokémon Go wants you back!

It’s been some time since Pokémon Go, created by Niantic first realeased and although it initially generated a lot of hype, there’s still a big challenge facing the creators: to keep the players interested. Let’s look at some of their actions. First of all, Pokémon Go finally released an update on December 6th with one… Continue reading

A Disney gift for every geek!

Santa’s erudite elves, particularly those working the Disney beat, have outdone themselves this year! The current Disney literary (a.k.a. Disney Publishing Worldwide or Disney Book Group) offerings – from Disney Editions, Disney Press, Hyperion, Marvel Kids, and others of their ilk – are an impressive bunch. The 2016 Disney reading list ranges from splashy coffee… Continue reading