One year done, lots more to go

A few days ago we had a little anniversary. April 8th marked a year since Geekified went officially online. Brought together by Dan, we’ve worked (sometimes not as hard as we were supposed to and, we confess, in differing intervals, but always very sincerely) to deliver some features on the widely understood geek culture. This one year period is an opportunity for us to look back at what we’ve already done and think about how to evolve in the future. And, most importantly, it’s a time when we would especially like to say “Big Thank You” to you all, loyal Geekified readers.

Let’s take a quick look at our achievements.


Special mentions

One of the thing that we have been very honoured with, are various special mentions in media. Here are some examples:

We were mentioned in Piemations video.
Our news were reposted by Merrell Twins‏ and Mike Pollock (best known for voicing Dr. Eggman in Sonic The Hedgehog series).
We are very happy to get noticed as it helps us to reach more of you and share our thoughts.


We have written a total number of 72 posts and our goal this new year is to go well past this number. Keep your fingers crossed!

Top 10 posts

Judging by our top ten posts, we have a lot of Sonic fans visiting us: four out of ten most popular posts are features about the blue hedgehog. The DC Extended Universe articles were also quite popular among you, as well as two exclusive features by Marlene. Last, but not least, you’ve also visited the article about Regular Show‘s last season quite often as well as one of our 2016 summaries. This shows us which way to go from here and we’ll certainly try to bring more content you might like.

‘Sonic Boom’ season 2 kicks bot

Sonic Mania – you’d be manic to miss it!

(Updated!) Regular Show – 8th and final season

‘The Standoff’ straight up: an interview with Ilyssa Goodman

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s Ultimate Edition Trailer is out

Sonic Boom: Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Birthday Bash

Sonic 25th birthday – what’s in store?

Big Geekified 2016 Summary. Part 3/5: Video Games

Authentic geeks and where to find them: “Hidden Figures”

Are WB and DC taking the squad goals to a whole new level? A “Suicide Squad” review

Articles that people spent the most time on (avg. time)

We looked at the most popular posts and now time for the ones you spent most of your time to read. What is certainly interesting here, is that these were not necessarily the longest articles. Have a look yourselves.

Nintendo Switch for Marketing (15 min. 59 s.)

GameOn review – what was on and off the right track (10 min. 34 s.)

Happy Birthday, Hideo Kojima! (10:11)

Big Geekified 2016 Summary. Part 5/5: Movies (09:14)

‘The Standoff’ straight up: an interview with Ilyssa Goodman (08:52)

Attack on Titan Season 2 premiere date set  (08:35)

Launch trailer for “The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine” (07:04)

(Updated!) Regular Show – 8th and final season (06:25)

The future of YouTube Red (06:23)

Tips For Gaming On A Budget (06:02)

A look into the future

We like to analyse our work, but the core thing in our team is to stay true to ourselves. This way, we think we can bring you good quality articles, which is of great importance to us. We plan to do our best, work very hard and give you content worth reading. We are very grateful that you’ve stayed with us so far and we hope you’ll stick with us in the future. Which, hopefully, will be bright. Thank you!

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